Maturation Arrest – Case Report - Fully Detailed Success Story

Maturation Arrest – Case Report - Fully Detailed Success Story

Maturation Arrest – Case Report – Fully Detailed Success Story

This Patient contact us on 7-September-2013; please find all the correspondence with him (we cannot publish his name and details according to his request) from the beginning to the end


Patient (7-Sep-2013):

“Diagnosed as azoospermian person with a maturation arrest. Sex hormones seems more often within the normal range. Is the SpermHope product is useful in my case?”

 SpermHope (7-Sep-2013):

“Greeting, normal hormones levels may indicate genetic problem or some infection in the past. you actually have primary testicular failure. that’s mean your testis cannot support the sperm production to the final stage (maturation arrest that usually associate with genetic problem) . you don’t have any problem with your hormones, so you don’t need any treatment that works on your gonads.

In your case, you should combine between the SpermHope® treatment and testicular sperm extraction if no sperm found in the semen.

We do not promise that this treatment will cure a 100% of the cases of azoospermia.” 

Patient (7-Sep-2013):

“Thank you Doctor for your immediate response. Kindly go through my attached hormone reports, testis Doppler, and biopsy report and tell me if there is a hope for treatment and how far is this treatment successful for my case? Another question is spermatocytic arrest is an instance of primary or secondary testicular failure? Finally,if your treatment would be useful for me or at least not harmful, how can i get these remedies and their dosage; is it through you or  by ordering directly from the manufacturing company?


 SpermHope (8-Sep-2013):

“Dear …..,

You have primary testicular failure and your biopsy results showed that your stem cells are blocked and cannot divide. this case could be relayed to some gene deletion or mutation. 

Our treatment could increase your sperm count (only 15% chance) in the semen but you have more chance if you take the treatment and do biopsy after it. of course the treatment is not harmful even if you didn’t get any benefit from it”

 Patient (8-Sep-2013):

“thank you dear Dr.Abuelhija for rekindling the hope of fathering of  a child, Dear Doctor; 

i have gone through several attempts of treatments where doctors (physicians or homeopaths) ended in vain whereas medical doctors are saying frankly that azoospermia is incurable and there is no treatment for it yet“

“one more inquiry i want to know, if no sperm is seen in the semen after completion of your treatment, shall i undergo just testis biopsy as u said or  testicular sperm extraction…”

 SpermHope (9-Sep-2013):

“Dear ……,

Most cases of primary testicular failure is not curable (Azoospermia usually associate with genetic problem deletion or mutation in one of the chromosome not necessary Y chromosome), we can only improve the sperm production but cannot restore to normal production. the main function of SpermHope treatment is:

1) our treatment can improve your sperm count in the semen and avoid the biopsy.

2) if the semen does not contain any sperm, this treatment improves your success chances of testicular sperm extraction.

The treatment is for 6 months and the success chances is like 15% to find sperm in the semen and 30% to find sperm by biopsy. We do not promise that this treatment will cure a 100% of the cases of azoospermia. 

The TESE or Micro-TESE is better than biopsy”.

 Patient (7-Oct-2013):

“Dear Doctor 

i have received today the remedies kit …. thank you very much …

Now, shall i start the treatment as prescribed herewith? in this connection, i have three inquiries:

first inquiry: Are  the two bottles at the stage-Two  has the same tablets or different? the same inquiry can be extended to the three bottles in the stage of three, are they different or same? 

Second inquiry: Sexual Intercourse, isn’t  there any leniency in this regard? how far avoiding it is recommended ?

Third inquiry: which is better to take the tablets before or after the meal? elaborate if any details…

Any other advice before taking the remedies most welcome …”

SpermHope (8-Oct-2013):

“Dear …..

1) The two bottle of stage II are the same. 

2) you don’t need t

o stop sex intercourse, just reduce the activity to 2-3 week will be good.

3) after meal.

is there any plan of TESE after treatment?

 Wish you the best”

 Patient (8-Oct-2013)::

“thank you Dear doctor for yr clarifications … i hope the sperm will be seen in the semen … If no luck, then i think i have to do TESE as u recommend it to me … 

could i understand that having sex intercourse should be reduced to 2-3 (TIMES) in a week OR to once during 2 or 3 weeks? I may not find a problem in either. Even i could bear stopping sex completely during the treatmentas you strongly recommended and would give better results…

Another thing: is the three bottles of stage three have the same capsules as well .. i got an answer from you about the capsules of the stage two …”

 SpermHope (10-Oct-2013)::

“We really don’t know the effect of sex in these levels, we want to reduce testosterone in stage 1 and 2 and sex can increase it so our concern from sex is to reduce the effect of the treatment. so 2-3 a week will not be problem.

Stage III bottles all the same”

Patient (7-Nov-2013):

“i expect that i will finish the stage one on 21 November . But Shall i start Stage Two immediately after finishing stage one without any days gap ?

Thanks for yr cooperation


 SpermHope (8-Nov-2013):

“Yes start immediately “

Patient (20-May-2014):

“Dear Dr.

i have finished all the stages of Sperm Hope  and then went for Semen Analysis. Unfortunately, there are no sperms are seen. However, some dots (heads of dead sperms). i asked the pathologist to explain what is the nature of these abnormal heads. She told me me they are small dots. What do advise me to do next, Dr.? Here is the attached file.”

SpermHope (21-May-2014):

“I think you should check the sperm count again after a month.

Do you plan to do biopsy? “

 Patient (21-May-2014):

“Dear Abuelhija

I will do sperm count next month. About doing biopsy, if you advise me to go for it. Just to remind you that i have done it  two years back. i know that is before your treatment. i am afraid if doing more biopsies may make the testicular problem worse. The first biopsy sometimes gives some pain.“

SpermHope (21-May-2014):

“Ok check the sperm again after one month, then you can take the kit again but I will highly recommend to do micro-TESE after the treatment. You can take break now for 3 months without any treatment then you can start again. But before that I will recommend you to check sperm count.

Because the SpermHope kit have effect even after you finish” 

Patient (24-May-2014)::

“OK  Dr. Abuelhija. 

 Sure, i will  completely follow you future plan. What does it mean to see dots ( heads of dead sperms) in the semen for the patient with maturation arrest? and which one is developed first: head or other parts of a sperm? i mean is there any improvement and to what extent if there is?” 

SpermHope (26-May-2014):

it could be some sign, we know that the effect can take more than 6 months to be notice”

Patient (8-June-2014):

“Dear Dr. Abuelhija

 i did once again the Semen Analysis from different diagnostic centre to confirm the availablity of such heads of dead sperms.I did it bymyself for confirmation. But, it does not mention any abnormal forms of sperms as the first one did. But, it mentions for the first time the Red blood cells availablity labeling it as Occasional.

I Got confused if there are similarities between heads of dead sperms and Red Blood Cells at evaluation process. i mean  the pathologists might be confused  about the nature of dots seen (heads of dead sperms or RBCs).

I am aware of your advice to do it after one month and then we will see if i can take the kit once again”

SpermHope (8-June-2014):

“No, red blood cells completely different”

Patient (14-Agu-2014):

“Dear Dr. Abuelhija

i have done the semen test yesterday but no sperms are seen this time. But get surprized that even abnormal sperm forms which have been seen two months ago, have not been seen this time. These abnormal forms have not even seen in the test i have done last month as well. 

Here is the current test report received today. Please check and advise what i shall do next?”

SpermHope (17-Agu-2014):

“Sperm production by waves that’s mean each month you can have different results. anyway do you plan for biopsy?”

 Patient (17-Agu-2014):

“That’s OK dear Dr. Abuelhija sperm production can fluctuate from month to another. But i think, the fact of having zero sperms in number is retained in my case in each month the test taken. To specify, all semen reports of mine done, since i got to know  of being an azoospermia person, have shared the same result of nill sperm count, except one which shows there are abnormal forms of sperms (heads of dead sperms) where the lab pathologist  told me that there are small dots seen in the semen and unsure about their nature and added that it is not different result from my other semen tests… i have sometimes doubts if that dots seen are not properly described by the pathologist as well.

Dear doctor, i will do a biopsy if you advise me, though i have undergone a testicular biopsy two years back which shows (maturation arrest). I am scared if undergoing more biopsies might get my problem worse. I was planning to have TESE/TESA, though costly, if you advise me.” 

Patient (27-Agu-2014):

“Dear Dr. Abuelhija

 i hope you got through my previous mail and i wonder whether repeating the same dose, as you told me last time, can do better results and then i am ready to take a biopsy immediately after the dose.

Thanking you very much, waiting for your reply. “

SpermHope (28-Agu-2014):

“What kit do you have? the last kit that we produce last year was with high dose. so no double dose need.”

“if no sperm then biopsy”

 Patient (29-Agu-2014):

Dear Dr. Abuelhija

Can i know more about the Biopsy that i shall undergo: Normal or TESE or others. i asked here in the hospital about the possibility of undergoing a biopsy but they asked me to be referred by a doctor. They want a medical report about my case and the need for having a biopsy. “

 Patient (18-Dec-2014):

“Dear Dr. Abualhija

I am so glad to share with you my updates of your Sperm Hope treatment. As you know I was an azoospermian man with a maturation arrest.  I have taken the three stages of the kit. Upon the completion of the remedy, I did a semen analysis which shows there are heads of dead sperms but didn’t appear in the next months.

Then, you advised to go for a biopsy but the doctors here do not accept my request of doing a biopsy without checking the case. I gave one doctor a chance of investigation and diagnostics. I was planning to undergo this surgery next week but i was asked to repeat the semen analysis. I did it yesterday and got a good result; getting 1 million sperms( it is the first time to get any number of sperms after a series of zero-count attempts) and got them frozen for IVF.  Thanks for God.  Really, I don’t know how to thank you; thank you for yr dedication and patience, wishing you great success in your research and medication. I will keep informing about the updates of my case.

 Best Regards”


“Dear ….,

This is really great news, I wish the best and successful IVF.

L”et me know if there any updates.”

 Patient (29-Jan-2016):

Dear Dr. Abuelhija

In continuation with my previous mail, i would like also to share my updates with you. By virtue of God and your kit, i overcame zero-count sperm stage to 1 million,then to two million and remains between 12 millions to 15 millions with high motility. What more, my wife got pregnant for the first time after around 9 years of marriage and just one week ago got TWIN BABIES (boy and girl). i feel very very happy and  could fly from joy. . 

 Here, i would like to thank your too much for helping me to be a father in life.”

“Dear Abualhija

If you want to post my mail, it is ok but without mentioning the name take care”

SpermHope (29-Jan-2016):

Dear ……, 
I am very happy for you and your wife, I wish you happy life.
Do not worry I promise not to publish your name “

  1. Have the same case maturation arrest and would like to try the sperm hope how can i get the dosages

  2. i have been diagnosed as case of azoospermia..complete maturation arrest.
    i have undergone TESE twice but it shows immature or initial forms of sperms.
    at present i have been using sperm hope kit and hoping to get something positive.

    1. Keep in touch, if no sperm found in semen then we recommend to do biopsy.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I got married 3 yrs ago, 4 months back we consult a Urology Doctor, With his advise I went for Medication for 3 months and recently tested for sperm count, But My report says that sperm count is Zero.

    I started Medication after Biopsy, the report as follows

    Nature of Specimen: Testicular Biopsy

    Clinical Details: Azoospermia

    Gross: Specimen Consists of single bit of brown tissue, Entire specimen Submitted.

    Micro: Section Shows adequate well fixed Testicular biopsy shows seminiferous tubules of varying sizes with intertubular oedema, mild peritubular fibrosis, intact basement membrane, sertoli cells and germ cells with maturation upto secodary spermatocyte level, No mature sperms seen, Interstitial leyding cells and blood vessels normal

    Impression: Maturation arrest at secondary spermatocyte level.

    What is Secondary Spermatocyte level and Is their any chance for increasing the sperm count. Kindly advise whether SpermHope Kit will Increase the sperm count.

  4. Dear Doctor,

    we have tried for nearly 2 years without luck. husband did a sperm analysis twice and results in both ocassions showed zero sperm. urologist adviced testicular biopsy with resuls early spermatogenenic cells but no or scanty nature forms. features of maturation arrest and partial testicular atrophy. We were hoping to try IVF but not sure of success following these results. Any way we can improve these results prior to any further efforts?

  5. I am also suffering from the same above mentioned.I have got married 10 years ago. Kindly reply me.

  6. Suffering from azzospermia with maturation arrest hormone level and testes size normal biopsy shows complete absence of maturation aND no meiotic activity .how will be my success rate

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