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Prolistem® Six Months kit


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New Supportive Treatment for Azoospermia

Our six-month course of Prolistem® promises a surgery-free alternative that can raise sperm count without the need for a biopsy (Success rate 23%). Furthermore, in cases where testicular sperm extraction is required, Prolistem® can significantly boost the chances of producing viable sperm for IVF (Success rate 25%).We recommend that all men experiencing azoospermia consider Prolistem® as a first option, before undergoing potentially risky medical procedures.

Prolistem® Kit Includes:

Stage One (1 bottle): Start with stage one, take 1 capsule three times daily for one month (Total 3 capsule daily) after food.

Stage Two (2 bottles): Start with stage two after you finish stage one,  take 1 capsule three times daily for two months (Total 3 capsule daily) after food.

Stage Three (3 bottles): Start with stage three after you finish stage two, take 1 capsule three times daily for three months (Total 3 capsule daily) after food.

No prescription needed

Prolistem® is a supplement that you can order it online with complete privacy and convenience. Delivered privately to your address

Shipping Methods

Inside the USA the shipping is always free, for worldwide shipping we have different options (Check the different options at the checkout page)

Special Instructions:

Patients using Prolistem® kit should have their Hormones Levels checked (before and after the treatment).

Hormones levels may be an indicator of improvement or not.

Patients should check their Sperm Count after three and six months.

The patient needs to plan for TESE or Micro-TESE after Prolistem® treatment (if no sperm found in the semen).

We do not promise that this treatment will cure azoospermia (See success rates).

The success of Prolistem® depends on many factors like the testes damage level and each person’s response.


Canceling an order

You can cancel your order by contacting us: info@prolistem.com, Please note that we cannot cancel your order after the shipping.


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14 reviews for Prolistem® Six Months kit

  1. Rony

    I am very glad to inform you that my brother with a very-low sperm count (less than 1 million ) overcomes this case after using your kit and now becomes very normal with 45 million as per the lab standard followed by both pre- and post- treatment, his doctor got surprised by the effect of this kit. the Motility is also very normal.

  2. Mustafa

    Good Afternoon,
    I took spermhope for 6 months in 2014 and few sperm cells were found in the pellets during sperm analysis, the doctor recommend us for ICSI but we are not ready then until january 2016.
    we want to take spermhope again
    Thank you for your support

  3. Makela

    Thank you doctor, God bless you and your work

  4. Milos

    We are in the last trimester, its a girl!
    Expecting in October!

  5. Melissa

    Thank you doctor, finally we got some sperm by biopsy

  6. no name

    We have hope now, because of u. very thankful to u

  7. Byegon

    Thank you doctor for helping us and other people…Byegon from Nigeria

  8. Mohammed

    you give us a big hope, thank you dr

  9. Dbradima

    I used in the past sperm hope and now it’s my second round of this treatment, my sperm count was low and now good

  10. Sanaa H

    my husband has been diagnosed with sertoli cell only syndrome after fna mapping procedure. He taking prolistem for 6 months and has now finished the course. He went for a sperm analysis this week and the result was 64 million with low motility and morphology.
    We’ve never had results like this, it has also been zero so we are really shocked and finding it hard to believe
    Thank you!

  11. Elias

    We did a biopsy and they found sperm in small quantities.
    Thank you for your help doctor

  12. messia

    Thank you doctor

  13. Toto

    I am from Jordan, thank you doctor. for the first time they found 50 sperm
    thank you for this great work

  14. Tmam

    Thank you doctor, you are an amazing person

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