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Prolistem® Stage Three only

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What’s in the box?

Prolistem® Stage Three is a three months course for men with low sperm count, low sperm motility, and low sperm morphology. This treatment contains only natural herbs and vitamins.


3 bottles of stage three

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Product Description

Supportive Treatment for Sperm Health

The Prolistem® Stage III treatment is the best way to support sperm count, motility, and quality by providing the nutrients needed for developing sperm. You can undergo this treatment in one of these conditions occurs:

One: If you have a low sperm count, low motility or low quality of sperm then you can skip Stages I and II of the Prolistem® treatment. Stage III need to be taken for three months at least.

Two: If you have used Prolistem® kit (six months) and finished before your sperm extraction surgery.

Three months of Prolistem treatment cost only 89$ while other treatments like Proxeed Plus cost $368.75 (for three months supply)

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