SpermSure Kit

What Is SpermSure?​

For some men with azoospermia, sperm can be found in 10% of cases, but it’s not always present in the semen. This happens because the testes aren’t working as they should. To locate these sperm, a weekly semen test at a lab is required for 80 days since it takes this long for sperm to fully develop. However, this frequent lab visit can be inconvenient. That’s why we’ve created a new kit that can isolate and preserve sperm within a special membrane for months. Simply use our home kit with special filters to collect semen weekly. After three months, send the samples to us in the USA for analysis. You’ll receive a report detailing the best time for semen analysis to improve your chances of finding sperm.

How Does SpermSure Work?​

In this scenario, sperm was found in weeks 2, 6, and 10. We advise the patient to schedule lab semen tests during these weeks. Once sperm is detected, we recommend freezing it for future use in procedures like IVF or ICSI. Additionally, men with severe oligospermia can utilize this test to increase their chances of natural conception by identifying weeks with higher sperm concentration.

SpermSure Kit

Timing is crucial because the testicle cannot produce sperm constantly. Therefore, analyzing once a year or even every month is not accurate enough.

SpermSure allows you to perform a weekly test using a new technique that accurately dissects the semen and captures the sperm on a special membrane for preservation until analysis.

After three months, the samples are sent to our Labs for analysis, and we send a report indicating when sperm can be found in the fluid