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Prolistem® Clinical Study 

This study includes 89 patients with non-obstructive Azoospermia (NOA), the success rate (48%) include 23% patients that found sperm in their semen (few sperms for IVF) and 25% patients performed success TESE or micro-TESE after taking the six months treatment. There is no effect in 52% of the patients that used our treatment for six months, this could be related to serious genetic issues.

Most cases of primary testicular failure are not curable, we can only improve sperm production but cannot restore to normal production. the main function of Prolistem treatment is:
Our treatment can improve your sperm count in the semen and avoid the biopsy
   (the success chance is 23%)
Or, this treatment improves your success chances of testicular sperm extraction
   (the success chance is 25%).

Medical confidentiality prohibit us to publish patient’s names but we will describe the case after we received agreement from the patient.


We feel very happy to start the day with this kind of email from our patient.

Finding 20 sperm 🔬 in semen after the failure of microTESE

For more information please contact

Prolistem Success


Few sperm after 6 months treatment, this is a good sign for sperm generation, another course was recommended 🤞🏻

Prolistem Success


From zero to few thousand 🎉

Success story from Australia and we didn’t even know.

The patient contact us for another round of Prolistem

They have a plan for IVF next month, we recommended him Vitamin B12 (500 mcg, 20,000%) and Vitamin B6 (25mg, 1500%) as preparation for the next IVF.

Prolistem Success


Thank you for sharing 🎉

Less than 1 million sperm after six months of Prolistem

Now the couple are preparing for IVF, we wish you good luck 🙏🏻

Prolistem Success


 Thank you for sharing from our distributor in Jordan 🇯🇴

This patient had one testis only with non obstructive azoospermia type primary testicular.

About 1 sperm found per slide (Total 7 sperm found) and used for ICSI.

The ICSI was very successful and we waiting for good news.

Prolistem Success


Success Story:

Few sperm in semen after six months of treatment and then another three months of stage three only.

The case is Sertoli cell only based on the biopsy report

Thank you for sharing and we wish you successful IVF

Prolistem Success


Thank you for sharing your story

Prolistem Success


New Success Story

Married for 5 years with non obstructive azoospermia type primary testicular failure

Biopsy has done three times during the five years with no results

This report showing sperm that was successfully extracted by biopsy after using Prolistem for six months

Prolistem is the Gold Standard treatment before doing any sperm extraction procedures

Prolistem Success


Success microTESE after using Prolistem for 6 months

Patient’s History:

1) Sertoli cell only syndrome

2) previous micro TESE was failed

Sperm was found and stored for IVF

Prolistem Success


Thank you for sharing, we are very happy for you

Prolistem Success


Thank you for sharing🤞🏻

From zero to 20,000 sperm 🔬

Prolistem designed for non obstructive azoospermia primary testicular failure

Prolistem Success


We got this email from a fertility specialist from Serbia. Prolistem is the answer for non obstructive azoospermia.

Prolistem Success


Thank you for sharing and making my day so special

Prolistem Success


Amazing news from our distributor in Nepal, great job

Prolistem Success


I am very happy to read that one of our patients had a daughter back in 2016 and now he will try again.

Very excited 😊 I wish the best with round two 🤞🏻

Prolistem Success


Thank you for sharing and good luck, From zero to 18,000

Prolistem Success


Finding Sperm is good sign for improvment, Good Luck with the treatment

Prolistem Success


Many thanks to our distributor in Jordan 🇯🇴 for sharing this great success story ❤️

From Sertoli cell only to more than 100 sperm founded by micro-TESE after using the Prolistem for six months.

Full report will be uploaded soon…🤞🏻

Prolistem Success


Finally 😍😍
Success micro TESE from Jordan 🇯🇴 after Prolistem treatment, the doctor found about 50 sperm and freeze it for IVF

The patient did many sperm retrieval before but this is the first time and the only one they found sperm 🔬

Thank you for sharing and we wish you the best with the IVF 🤞🏻

Prolistem Success


Prolistem Stage three is very powerful for men with low sperm count.

Prolistem Success


Thanks for our distributor in Nigeria for sharing more and more successful treatments by Prolistem
From zero to happiness 💪🏻

Prolistem Success


Success Story From Dubai 💪🏻
The case is:
✔️ Non obstructive azoospermia
✔️ primary testicular failure (zero sperm)
✔️ No family history
🔬 FSH: 10.28 mIU/mL
🔬 LH: 4.1 mIU/mL
🔬 Testosterone: 309.9 ng/dL

After six months the semen report showed sperm in semen < 1 million
We recommend this patient to freeze sperm for future IVF

Prolistem Success


Finding immotile sperm after six months treatment is a good sign for sperm production
Let’s keep going 👍🏻

Prolistem Success


Thank you for sharing from Australia and good luck with the second round of our treatment 🤞🏻

Prolistem Success

(22-July- 2019)

Thank you for sharing,
This case is non obstructive azoospermia type primary testicular failure (biopsy pattern showed Sertoli cell only and maturation arrest)

Prolistem Success

(17-June- 2019)

Prolistem designed for non obstructive azoospermia type primary testicular.
Success results and finding sperm in semen after 5 months treatment.
Great 👍🏻

Prolistem Success

(12-June- 2019)

Thank you for sharing!

Prolistem Success

(24-March- 2019)

Success story from Nigeria
Non obstructive azoospermia (primary testicular failure)
From zero sperm count to 200,000 sperm with 2% active

Prolistem Success

(9-Jan- 2019)

Success story using stage three only (From our distributor in Nigeria 👍🏻)

Prolistem Success

(7-Nov- 2018)

Success Story with maturation arrest

Prolistem Success

(12-Oct- 2018)

Take Prolistem before the biopsy, Prolistem aim to help you find sperm by biopsy if no sperm found in semen

Prolistem Success

(10-Oct- 2018)

Prolistem will increase your chances to find sperm during the biopsy

Prolistem Success

(10-Oct- 2018)

Wonderful news from our distributor in Nigeria
Thank you for sharing…

Prolistem Success

(4-Oct- 2018)

The powerful of Prolistem stage three

Prolistem Success

(14-Sep- 2018)

In this cas,e you can take Prolistem (SpermHops old name) again to improve the sperm production and quality.

Prolistem Success

(3-Sep- 2018)

Stage three improves sperm count in three months

Prolistem Success

(30-Aug- 2018)

More positive feedbacks received after six months of Prolistem

Prolistem Success

(30-Aug- 2018)

Great success from Nigeria

Prolistem Success

(27-Aug- 2018)

Few motile sperm after 6 months in semen test is a great success for patients with zero sperm count.
Wish you the best

Prolistem Success

(12-Aug- 2018)

The sperm count increased from zero to a few million after the treatment.
The motility still zero and we hope this will change soon.

Prolistem Success

(20-June- 2018)

Great news and congratulations.
Below screen shot from the messages between one of our patients and our doctor in Nigeria.
Thank you for sharing

Prolistem Success

(4-June- 2018)

Thank you for sharing and good luck…

Prolistem Success

(1-May- 2018)

I wish you good luck with the second round of Prolistem…

Prolistem Success

(7-April- 2018)

Thank you for sharing from Jordan…

Prolistem Success

(6-April- 2018)

Thank you Dr. Dyan for sharing (from Indonesia)

Prolistem Success

(18-March- 2018)

Success Story from using Prolistem stage three

 Patient with low sperm count  used the Prolistem stage three for three months and get 24 million sperm.
Prolistem Success

(12-Feb- 2018)

Success Story from using Prolistem stage three

 Patient with low sperm morphology  used the Prolistem stage three for two months and his wife got pregnant.
Prolistem Success

(16-Jan- 2018)

Success Story from our distributor in Nigeria, Great News…

 Patient with Azoospermia (maturation arrest). Normal sperm count and pregnancy after 5 months of treatment.
Prolistem Success

(4-Dec- 2017)

Thank you for sharing and wish you successful treatment!

Patient with Azoospermia and high FSH (30). first time finding sperm after 6 months treatment, unfortunately, the sperm quality was low and IVF didn’t work, we recommended to take stage three only to try and improve the sperm quality.

Prolistem Success

(7-Nov- 2017)

Great Success from Australia!

Thank you for sharing…

Case: High FSH, zero sperm count.

Prolistem Success

(21-Oct- 2017)

Great Success from Nigeria!

Thank you for sharing…

Prolistem Success

(26-Sep- 2017)

Congratulations on the birth of your new baby girl!

Thank you for sharing…

Prolistem Success

(19-July- 2017)

Azoospermia, Treatment for six months, Biopsy and IVF..but the IVF failed, wish you successful IVF in the future. 

Thank you for sharing…

Prolistem Success

(14-July- 2017)

Azoospermia, Treatment for six months, Biopsy and IVF..

Thank you for sharing…

Prolistem Success

(14-June- 2017)

Azoospermia and Low Sperm Count:

Thank you Dr. Molham from Saudi Arabia for this update.

Prolistem Success

(11-April- 2017)

Azoospermia Case: Oligospermia

Results after treatment:  Normal sperm count

Prolistem Success

(3-April- 2017)

Azoospermia Case: Maturation Arrest (Late stages)

Results after treatment:  Normal sperm count, natural pregnancy.

Prolistem success stroy

(10-March- 2017)

Azoospermia Case: Oligospermia – severe low sperm count

Results after treatment:  Normal sperm count, natural pregnancy and his wife has given birth to a baby boy

Prolistem success stroy

(12-Oct- 2016)

Azoospermia Case: small testis, zero sperm count, FSH 12.2 ng/ml, Testosterone 0.8 ng/ml, LH 7.4 ng/ml

Results after treatment:  400 sperm were found in the semen analysis


Prolistem Azoospermia

(16-Oct- 2016)

Azoospermia Case: TESA procedure –  no sperm found, FSH 12.1 U/L, Testosterone 11nmol/L, LH 5.0 U/L

Results After Treatment: Few thousand sperm count

(6-Oct- 2016)

Azoospermia Case: NA

Results After Treatment: Message from our distributor in Nigeria

(12-Sep- 2016)

Azoospermia Case: Normal Hormones, Low sperm count

Results After Treatment: Normal sperm count

(2-Sep- 2016)

Azoospermia Case: Normal Hormones, Low sperm count

Results After Treatment: sir,i had been used your medicine for 6 months and the result came positively there are  9 sperms appeared. but i need some more sperms so if i use your medicine kit for another 6 months can i get some more sperms sir. kindly respond to me sir. thanking you sir.

(31-July- 2016)

Azoospermia Case: FSH 11.22, zero sperm count

Results After Treatment:  There is good result on my sperm count

(20-July- 2016)

Azoospermia Case: Azoospermia with FSH 37.9 and LH 10.29.
Results After Treatment:  Did TESE with 24 tissue samples, found enough sperm for this one and next six IVF.

(20-May- 2016)

Azoospermia Case: normal hormones, zero sperm count 
Results After Treatment:  Found 100,000 sperm in the semen after six months

(14-Oct- 2015)

Azoospermia Case: Normal hormones, Normal testis size, No Y deletion, Normal Genetic test. (46 XY), Zero sperm count
Results After Treatment: Found 200,000 sperm in the semen after six months, they did IVF and expecting for the new baby

(14-Oct- 2015)

Azoospermia Case: hormones Before treatment: Testosterone: 339 ng/dl, FSH: 10.23 mIU/ml, LH: 4.84 mIU/ml. Hormones After Treatment: Testosterone: 206.4 ng/dl, FSH: 9.48 miu/ml, LH: 4.70 miu/ml, Normal testis size. No Y deletion. Normal Genetic test. (46 XY). TESA report: sertoli only syndrome

Results After Treatment: For the first time, the patient found few non-motile sperm 6 months after the treatment. Adviced to do micro-TESE

(26-May- 2015)

Azoospermia Case: “Hai Dr. Abuelhija, I’m good thanks for asking. I already finish my treatment plus some medication from my Dr in —-, i perform IVF for having child with my Dr. In — and it succeed, then 9 months later alhamdulillah my wife gave birth to a healty 3,9kg baby boy. And now i’m planing to have another child and i want to ask u if u have a new and has been perfected medicine for azosspermia treatment? Because i want to buy another set of medicine for azosspermia Many thanks to you for helping me treat my problem, realy hope you can give your oppinion and looking foward to have another set of spermhope medicine.

Best Regards”

(9-Sep- 2015)

Azoospermia Case: Translate from Arabic:

“Dr. Mahmoud Abualhijae, Peace, mercy and blessings of God, I have good news to you about my husband case, he suffers from (Sertoli cell only syndrome) and assured us all to doctors in Japan it is the case unable medicine cured and there is no hope, not one percent for treatment ..
We are now in the third phase will complete the whole treatment, God willing, at the end of April (4 month) ..

A month ago my husband did blood tests and noticed decline observed in hormone Altiststassiron high hormone milk, then we examine the work of semen and there were six sperm but devoid of the movement and the dead …
Not imagine how surprising the doctor this Alentiha:)
Which in turn asked to see this miracle for General Medicine, which violates the laws of God’s will and strength … has given him my husband, Kaaaaafah details about the medication:)”

(17-August- 2014)

Azoospermia Case: 

Full success story from our patient:

Hi Dr. Abuelhija,

I have been meaning to update you but thought I’d pre-empt until now. I am happy to share with you that my wife is now 5 months pregnant and we are expecting a baby girl!

In retrospect, prior to SpermHope I was diagnosed with azoospermia as no sperm was found even after multiple tests. In 2011, my doctors then prescribed the intake of Arimidex with no positive results then later shifted to Clomid still to no avail. In 2012, I undertook Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE) operation but even that didn’t prove to be fruitful. I was losing hope and getting frustrated then. But I kept praying and continued to live a healthy lifestyle. No alcohol, no smoking, no carbonated drinks, no junk foods while running and hitting the gym every now and then. On the bright side all my hormone levels (FSH, LH and testosterone) were found to be normal.

Then in 2013, I saw a new fertility doctor. For some unexplainable reason, or a miracle perhaps, they found 8 sperms after centrifugation per makler. That marked the first time sperm was found from me! Perhaps the previous clinics didn’t perform any centrifugation I thought. But that wouldn’t explain the findings from my TESE. Despite of my new sperm count, the motility and normality rate were found to be low. And so my doctor prescribed SpermHope and my treatment began.

I started taking SpermHope last August 2013. After stage 2, all my hormone levels went down albeit still within normal levels. Meanwhile, the clinic found improvements in my sperm count, motility and normality rate. In between tests, I had my healthy sperms frozen for backup purposes. Towards the end of stage 3, my sperm count surged to its highest at 32.

This year 2014, my wife and I decided that it’s time we progress to the next step and go through In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Thankfully, everything went smoothly from there. In our first try, the doctors extracted 4 mature eggs from my wife and joined them with my fresh sperms through Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). All 4 resulted into high-grade blastocysts. Then when the timing was right, the doctors transferred one of the blastocysts to my wife. That was at the end of March. Then in April, she was found to be pregnant!

It has been a long journey for me and my wife but now we are happy that soon we will have a family of our own. My wife and I are grateful for your innovative, medical breakthrough.

We hope that your medicine will continue to help other couples conceive and start a family of their own. More power to you.

Thankfully yours.

(11-Aug- 2014)

Azoospermia Case: He has non obstructive azoospermia.

Results After Treatment: The birth of Prolistem (SpermHope) first babies

(15-July- 2014)

Azoospermia Case: He has non obstructive azoospermia. He has done testicular biopsy in 2013 but no success.

Results After Treatment: The patient did biopsy and they found few sperm (15) 6 months after the treatment. they injected to matured eggs. now we waiting for more updates.

(16-April- 2014)

Azoospermia Case:

“my husband is suffering from azoospermie have did several times and always spermegrame complete absence of spermetozoides, we’ve even made a testicular biopsy and still no spermetozoides, doctors say he was born with, you have even made the blood apparently does not work and testicles do not produce spermetozoides, I have found your site on the internet for pills spermhope is what he hopes is the case with my husband more than I wanted to know is they have men who are suffering from azoospermia took this treatment, and the result c with them is positive or negative, I wanted to know for this medicine except on the internet is that it may have to find the pharmacy”.


Results After Treatment:  The patient plan to do micro-TESE but the doctor found many sperm in the semen before the surgery, they freeze it for IVF.

(29-Dec- 2013)

Azoospermia Case: Before treatment: Testosterone: 14.38 Nmol/l, After Stage 2: Testosterone: 10.26 Nmol/l, After Stage 3: Testosterone: 12.81 Nmol/l. We don’t have other info about other hormones


Results After Treatment: The patient found few motile sperm (3-4) 6 months after the treatment. Advised to take another 3 months supplement.

(1-August- 2013)

Azoospermia Case:  FSH: 22.664 (1.4 – 18.1 mIU/ml), LH: 14.01 (1.5 – 9.3 mIU/ml), Testosterone: 181.81 (241 – 76 ng/dl)

Results After Treatment: FSH: 19.24 (1.4 – 18.1 mIU/ml), LH: 13.67 (1.5 – 9.3 mIU/ml), Testosterone: 218.8 (241 – 76 ng/dl), The pateints did Micro-TESE, this time they found few immature sperm for ICSI.

(25-June- 2013)

Azoospermia Case: normal hormone levels and maturation arrest

Results After Treatment:

“Dear dr. Abuelhija

This morning went to …. reduced work spermiogram, and after washing procedure found 10 motile sperm. They said I had to do three times spermiogram to more sperm frozen and deposited me and wife in the IVF procedure. That’s all for now, a big thank you for everything and we’ll talk soon with I hope more good news.

All the best from… ”

(9-May- 2013)

Azoospermia Case: Hormone profile: TSH 1.61 mlu/l, Prolactin 154, LH 8.4 IU/l, FSH 24.7, Testosterone total 14.2. Normal testis size. No Y deletion. Normal Genetic test. (46 XY). No biopsy done before.

Results After Treatment: (Translated from Hebrew) Hello Dr. I had surgery a week ago, Micro-TESE, Thanks God, they freeze 11 packets of sperm in motion. Thank you very much for your support along the way.


(7-May- 2013)

Azoospermia Case:

“I am a male of 34 years old without known disease, 4 years of marriage, in April 2012 I was diagnosed with non-obstructive azoospermia in two espermatogramas, and moderate bilateral varicocele testes slightly smaller (no atrophy) of good consistency (= right testicle 3.66cm x 1.47 cm and the left = 3.39 x 1.60). I underwent varicocele repair in May and became bilateral testicular biopsy, hormonal and karyotype analysis:

Testicular biopsy: the findings are similar in both testes, the seminiferous tubules show varying diameter. Most are lined by germinal epithelium markedly attenuated, with no evidence of active spermatogenesis. Spermatids not observed. The remaining tubules show only Sertoli cells. Interstitial Leydig cells look normal in number and morphology. The findings favor the maturation arrest.
Karyotype: Normal chromosomally male (46 XY)

FHS: 9.13 mIu / mL (0.70-11.10)
LH: 2.36 mIu / mL (0.57-12.07)
Cortisol: normal
ACTH: 31.10 pg / mL (0-46)
Prolactin: 8.0 ng / mL(2.50-17.0)
Estrogens Total: 43.20 (40-115)
Total: 522 ng / dL (250-1100)

Free: 92.7 pg / ml (35-155)

Virus: negative

I took hormone tests and I took another test called “Y Chromosoma Microdeletion” which was positive at the loci DYS236, DAZ and DYS240 in region AZFc.

Results After Treatment:

Hello Dr

I`m grateful for all their help and cooperation … I Realize the MICRO-TESE with danvinci Robot in Winter Haven Hospital by Dr.Parekettil. Who found sperm and took four samples that were frozen …

Thank you very much, that God continue to guide him in his research .

(12-April- 2013)

Azoospermia Case:

Hi Dr. Abueljiha,

After a long time I received good news, they found some motile sperms from my left testis in Micro-TESE and can use for ICSI-IVF cycle. its giving more and more happiness in my life.
This time i would like to thank you, for your medicines and great advice. also here i attached all my medical history for your reference. wish you all the best and your research.

2nd of April 2011 – First seamen analysis
Appearance, Viscosity, Volume – Normal
Sperm Count < 1 million/ml
Motility – 100% immotile

6th of October 2011 – 2nd seamen analysis
Appearance, Viscosity, Volume – Normal
Motility – 100% immotile
FSH, LH, prolactin, testosterone all normal

21st March 2012 – TESA (right testis)
No sperm retrieved
Azoospermia-maturation arrest around the level of the secondary spermatocytes.
but some spermatogenisis is occurring in reduced amount.

19th July 2012 – Micro-TESA (right testis)
2 immotile spermatozoa found

I started Sperm hope Stage 3 as per Dr’s advice from 15th OCT 2012 to 30th of Dec 2012.
Then stopped because of my 2nd Micro-TESA delayed. again i started from 24th March 2013 to 10th April 2013.

11th April 2013 – 2nd Micro-TESE (left testis)
They found around 10 motile sperms which can use for treatment.

if you need more info related history don’t hesitate to contact me also you can use this records for your research.





(13-Nov- 2013)

Azoospermia Case:  (Maturation Arrest)

Left: Adequate size (50 tubules). All tubules show spermatogenesis with 5-20 spermatids/tubule. Few spermatids with acrosomes. Consistent with hypo/LMA.

Right: Adequate size (40-50). All tubules show spermatogenesis with spermatids present in 90% of tubules, but lack acrosomes or tails. Spermatid density ranges from 1-20 per tubule, mean 5/tubule. Consistent with hypo/LMA

Results After Treatment: No sperm found in the semen but few sperm found by PESA (Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration).

(24-Oct- 2013)

Azoospermia Case:  normal DNA (No deletions detected on Y chromosome). No infection (Culture, seminal fluid – No growth). Normal Genetic test. (46 XY). Hormones levels: FSH: 23 IU/L, LH: 5,8 IU/L , Testosterone: 581 ng/dl Testicular Biopsy Report: Azoospermia in 100 % of tubules, Sertoli Cell only. Tubular basement membrane: Mild thickening. Focal lesions: None Leydig cell compartment: No abnormality. Other (inflammation, vasculature etc.): None
Conclusion: Germ cell aplasia /Azoospermia
Results After Treatment: Results showed few sperm in the semen for the first time (10 sperm).

(3-Oct- 2013)

Azoospermia Case: 

The patient 31 year old with non-obstructive azoospermia due to undescended testicle
(cryptorchidism) that was surgically corrected when he was three years old.Results After Treatment:

May 1: Start SpermHope kit
June 15: Very few live sperm.
July 30: Many more sperm and more sperm motility, fewer percentages non-motile.
Sept 15: Sperm count with less motility