“Free Consultation:”

Zoom Video Consultation

What is a virtual consultation?

A virtual consultation is a video appointment, which allows you to speak to Dr. Abuelhija and to discuss your health concerns at your own convenience.

How long is a virtual consultation?

A virtual appointment is 45 minutes. The length of virtual appointments with a consultant may vary.

Why do we charge for a consultation?

We charge 35$ for a consultation. Because we have a lot of calls each week, phone consulting (for free) became a full-time job. We gave away thousands of hours of our time and expended substantial energy. If you cannot offer the service you are welcome to contact us by email and receive a free consultation about your case in a few days

Using Zoom for your appointment

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing service for hosting live virtual meetings. You can join a Zoom appointment by video, computer audio, or by telephone.

How do I access Zoom?

Zoom can be used from a computer, mobile or tablet. You don’t need a Zoom account to attend a virtual consultation.

Prolistem will send you an invitation via email confirming your Zoom virtual appointment. The email will contain a link to join the consultation. You’ll need to click on the link and enter the meeting ID to join your consultation.

If you’re using a mobile or tablet device for your appointment, you’ll need to download the Zoom app from the App Store (iPhone/iPad users) or Play Store (Android users). Once the app is installed, you can then join your consultation by following the link in the email and entering the meeting ID.

Attending your virtual consultation

Once you’ve successfully downloaded Zoom (mobile and tablet devices) and are ready to proceed, you can click on the ‘Join meeting button’ in your invitation email and enter the meeting ID. This will bring you into a virtual waiting room where you can wait until your appointment time.

Your specialist will then begin the consultation.

I have concerns about using Zoom. Will my appointment be secure?

Zoom has exploded in popularity as people turn to video conferencing amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. With this extra attention, Zoom is now facing a backlash from security experts, advocates and IT professionals warning that default settings are not secure enough.

The privacy of our patient data is paramount. Prolistem has made changes in our corporate Zoom settings to ensure we keep our video conferencing secure. Our online consultations only use the video conferencing feature and we do not allow file sharing and in-conference chat. We use unique, strongly encrypted meeting codes for each meeting and our staff receives training on how to schedule and conduct meetings, including monitoring their attendees to ensure they know and validate who is attending.

We work closely with Zoom on its application roadmap and ongoing development to ensure the platform remains secure. When vulnerabilities are discovered, we promptly apply updates to our corporate environment. We’ll continue to review our use of Zoom, ensuring it meets our high expectations in terms of security and information privacy.