Oligospermia (Low Sperm Count)

Prolistem® Elevate Reproductive Wellness with Confidence

Elevate your reproductive wellness with Prolistem, a state-of-the-art supplement designed for men combating oligospermia. Our advanced formula is meticulously crafted to enhance sperm count and quality. We stand behind our product’s efficacy with a 50% money-back guarantee, reflecting our confidence in its unparalleled benefits. Choose Prolistem – where professionalism meets proven results.

Why should I Choose Prolistem® ?

Prolistem® stage three is the only supplement on the market that is designed based on real research and knowledge and has been approved to be effective for men’s sperm health.

Prolistem® is science-based and patient-focused. We are here to help you have a baby. Contact us today to see how Prolistem® can help you achieve your goal of becoming a father.

Prolistem® goes beyond sperm health – it targets the entire sperm production process inside the testis. The active ingredients focus on supporting germ cells, Leydig cells, and Sertoli cells for comprehensive reproductive well-being.

Group 1 – The Retinoic Acid Effect

Retinoic Acid  (Vitamin A) acts on both Sertoli cells and germ cells and pushes undifferentiated spermatogonia into the differentiation pathway and, eventually, meiotic prophase.

Group 2 – Sperm Health

Vitamin D, E, B12, Zinc, Thiamin, Icariin Punicalagins, Ellagic acid, Anthocyanins, Ginsenosides, Polysaccharides, Triterpenoids, Macamides, Glucosinolates, Alkaloids, Protodiosci, Steroidal saponins. The active ingredients have demonstrated the ability to enhance sperm viability and morphology, while also fostering the concentration of antioxidants, catalase, and peroxidase. These factors play a crucial role in supporting spermatogenesis.

Group 3 – Testosterone Booster

The active ingredients have demonstrated the capability to enhance testosterone production from Leydig cells through both direct and indirect pathways. Vitamin D, Icariin, Punicalagins, Ellagic acid, Anthocyanins, L-dopa (levodopa), Various alkaloids, Ginsenosides, Polysaccharides, Triterpenoids. 

Group 4 – DNA Damage

Folic acid, polyphenols, resveratrol, anthocyanins, quercetin, terpenes, phenolic compounds, quercetin, punicalagins, ellagic acid, anthocyanins reduced DNA fragmentation in normal human spermatozoa

50% Money Back Guarantee – Terms and Conditions

  • Before ordering Prolistem Stage Three, patients are required to share their medical reports for a thorough evaluation to ensure suitability for their specific case.

  • Patients must undergo a comprehensive sperm analysis before initiating the treatment and are responsible for sharing the results with us.

  • Patients are obligated to perform semen analyses at two crucial intervals – 45 days and 90 days after commencing the supplement regimen.

  • Any observable improvement in semen count, morphology, and motility will be considered indicative of success in the treatment.

  • The money-back guarantee policy is applicable exclusively to the first order of  Prolistem Stage Three by proceeding with the purchase, the patient acknowledges and agrees to comply with these terms and conditions outlined for the money-back guarantee.

  • To qualify for the money-back guarantee, patients must adhere to the recommended dosage and usage instructions throughout the entire treatment period.

  • Patients are encouraged to maintain open communication with our support team throughout the treatment period, providing updates on any changes or concerns.

  • The guarantee is contingent upon the patient’s commitment to avoiding any external factors that could impact sperm health negatively, such as excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, or the use of other conflicting medications.

  • The 50% money-back guarantee applies exclusively to the product cost and does not encompass any associated shipping expenses. For orders within the USA, a $20 shipping cost is not refundable, and for international orders, a $60 shipping cost is likewise excluded from the refundable amount.

Oligospermia (Low Sperm Count)

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