Prolistem® Azoospermia Treatment

What is Prolistem®

Prolistem® is the culmination of extensive research into male fertility, incorporating studies that focus on testicular cell behavior and scientific animal testing. Prolistem® presents a viable first option for treating non-obstructive azoospermia without engaging in risky medical procedures.

Men who experience azoospermia, as a result of the primary testicular failure, are frequently told there is no cure, or provided with ineffective treatments based on limited knowledge of the condition. Prolistem® is based on a deep understanding of spermatogenesis (sperm production) and is specifically designed to tackle the root cause of low sperm count, reducing the need for intrusive surgical procedures.

We recommend our six-month course of Prolistem® for azoospermic men. Prolistem® can raise your sperm count, altogether avoiding the need for an investigative biopsy and its associated risks. In rare cases, Prolistem® users have seen their sperm count increase to normal levels.

In situations where a patient requires testicular sperm extraction, Prolistem® can also be used as an effective way to improve the chances of a successful procedure. For this reason, we encourage everyone to participate in our six-month course before attempting surgical sperm extraction.

How does Prolistem® work?

Azoospermia is commonly caused by a failure of stem cells inside the testis to develop into sperm. This can be a result of infection, trauma, radiation, toxicity, genetics or other reasons, some of which are not yet known to science!

Prolistem® works by temporarily reducing testosterone levels to allow for the crucial early stages of spermatogenesis to take place. This new treatment is natural, more effective and comes with no side effects.

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No prescription needed

Prolistem® is a six-month course. Order online and we will make your privacy our priority. Before ordering the Prolistem kit, please make sure you are eligible by completing our form.

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