Prolistem Azoospermia Treatment

What is Prolistem®

Prolistem® is the outcome of extensive male fertility research, as well as animal model research. All of these researches have led to the development of the Prolistem® treatment, which is based on a better understanding of sperm production.

Prolistem® intends to replace conventional infertility treatments that are currently given to azoospermia men as default due to the lack of other choices and lack of deeper knowledge and understanding of the root causes.Men who are found to have primary testicular failure usually can not be fully cure and will likely require the use of surgical sperm retrieval methods to recover viable sperm for IVF.

We highly recommend taking the six months course of Prolistem® treatment for two reasons:

First: our treatment can improve your sperm count in the semen and avoid the biopsy (in rare cases sperm count can be normal).

Second: if the semen does not contain any sperm, this treatment improves your success chances of testicular sperm extraction.

Everyone should consider testicular sperm extraction after this treatment.

Prolistem® Idea

In many cases of azoospermia, the stem cells inside the testis fail to differentiate into sperm because of infection, trauma, radiation, toxicity, genetic or other reasons that we do not know yet.

Prolistem® idea works by reducing testosterone for a period to allow the early stages of spermatogenesis to happen, but this new treatment is natural (no side effects) and more effective. Read our last publication about the same treatment idea.

No prescription needed

Prolistem® is a Six Months course and can be ordered online with complete privacy and convenience. Delivered privately to your home (or address of your choice). Before ordering the Prolistem® kit, please check if you can take Prolistem® treatment.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.