Medhija LLC – Code of Ethics

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A code of ethics is a set of principles or guidelines that outlines expected behavior and standards of conduct for individuals or groups within a particular profession, organization, or society. It serves as a moral compass, providing a framework for making ethical decisions and maintaining integrity in various contexts.


Dear Colleagues,
Working in the infertility industry and providing solutions that impact the lives of millions of people is a privilege accompanied by a significant responsibility. Each of us bears the obligation to uphold the highest ethical standards and possess a clear understanding of our company’s values, policies, and procedures.
While achieving strong business outcomes is important to us, the means by which we attain them holds equal significance. Ethical conduct has been ingrained in Medhija since its inception.
We trust that our employees and distributors comprehend the importance of integrity and sound judgment. However, given the complexities and stringent regulations of our industry, there may be occasions where additional guidance is necessary when making business decisions. This Code has been formulated to assist you in comprehending Medhija’s standards, principles, and values.
Our unwavering commitment to quality and integrity has played a pivotal role in Medhija’s success. By adhering to this Code and consistently behaving in a manner aligned with our values, we can uphold the trust of our colleagues, customers, and most importantly, the patients we serve.
Dr. Mahmoud Abuelhija

Code of ethics:

Patient Care and Well-being
⦁ Provide the highest standard of care, ensuring the physical and emotional well-being of patients.
⦁ Respect patient autonomy and informed consent, empowering them to make decisions about their treatment.
⦁ Maintain confidentiality and privacy of patient information, adhering to applicable laws and regulations.

Professional Conduct
⦁ Uphold professional integrity, honesty, and transparency in all interactions with patients, employees, and stakeholders.
⦁ Avoid conflicts of interest that could compromise patient care or undermine trust in the organization.
⦁ Continuously improve professional competence and stay updated with advancements in infertility treatments.

Equity and Non-discrimination
⦁ Provide equal access to treatment without discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or any other protected characteristic.
⦁ Foster a culture of inclusivity, respect, and diversity among employees and patients.
⦁ Ensure fairness in the allocation of resources and treatment options, considering individual needs and circumstances.
Research and Innovation
⦁ Conduct research with integrity, adhering to ethical guidelines and obtaining appropriate approvals and informed consent.
⦁ Use evidence-based practices, prioritizing the safety and effectiveness of treatments.
⦁ Promote responsible innovation, considering the long-term effects and potential risks to patients.
Legal Compliance
⦁ Comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and professional standards governing infertility treatment and patient care.
⦁ Maintain accurate and complete records, ensuring compliance with data protection and privacy laws.
⦁ Engage in fair marketing practices, providing accurate and transparent information about services and treatment outcomes.

Collaborative Partnerships
⦁ Collaborate with healthcare professionals and organizations to ensure comprehensive and coordinated care for patients.
⦁ Maintain open and respectful communication with stakeholders, fostering relationships based on trust and shared goals.
⦁ Avoid actions that could harm the reputation of the organization or the infertility treatment field as a whole.

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